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The Top Secret Shop, aka TSS, is producing and marketing the technology that Dave Micku & his sons have been developing over the last 30 years. TSS produces stingers and lightweight sled performance products that work effectively and efficiently to help you climb high in deep powder.

TSS is now building sleds on a C3 carbon fibre chassis. These snowmobiles are the lightest and most powerful in the industry. TSS modifies the stock chassis and uses Ez-Ryde rear suspensions for the best ride and handling in the rough stuff, on the trail and on the hill.

The Top Secret Shop has turbo kits for Ski-doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat. We install, fine tune, and upgrade sleds. Our airbox, intercooler, and fuel system has greatly improved the throttle response and performance for the mountain rider. For all your sled builds and snowmobile needs contact Top Secret Shop. Unsurpassed in experience, design, workmanship, personalized service and affordable pricing.

TSS is headed to where they are most comfortable -- THE TOP!


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